Watching TV in India


India has a good selection of satellite providers, but, unfortunately many of my favorite shows are missing. I know over time I may need it less, but right now I want to watch Dance Moms from Mumbai, catch current episodes of Big Bang theory (which isn’t available on hulu), etc. While you can watch a decent selection if you have VPN to show a “local” IP address back home, the fact remains, you’re limited to what you can find on which ever service you pay for OR whatever is available online.

Seriously, I’m just a week in so I still feel, like I must

Watch US tv overseas free


I know I should engage in the culture, etc but sometimes you just need “home” as well. I can imagine au pairs go through the same thing coming to a new country and not getting their favorite must-have shows.

ANyway, I found another alternative before I came here, but was hoping to not pay for shows. To watch live basic channels it is free (not requiring anything other than a login (which requires you indicate you are a US citizen)). But extremely reasonable (as in less than cable back home) to watch basically all basic cable (TLC, Nickelodeon, etc) for less than you pay at home. Plus they have a dvr add on service option as well. I really can’t complain.

Click here for more information. It does include an affiliate link, but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t find it valuable!

Anyway, some shows are available abroad, not many, and many are old seasons, but some is better than none, when you’re having a “what happened to my old life” or just want to connect with what you used to have. Nothing wrong with that, right :) Oh and Caillou is available too. I know he’s a hit or miss, but I prefer him over the violent, lack of parent cartoons out there for sure!

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