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Wedding Planning: 5 reasons To Buy Invites Online


It is becoming more common for people to make design and print their own invites: Even for weddings. I know we did our own! It can really help fit your personality. In the last almost 10 years the internet has opened up a much larger market, allowing couples to find more styles that speak to them individually. This includes wedding invitations, which are now becoming more personalized than ever before. From extremely formal to very quirky superhero themed invitations, you can now find styles that specifically fit you. For brides on a budget this is also a more affordable option than buying your invitations from a traditional big box store. Buying your wedding invitations online allows for more flexibility for brides saving them precious time that they can allocate to other tasks. Here are five reasons why you should buy your wedding invitations from an online retailer instead of from a bridal store or boutique.

  1. You can print the quantity that you need: Many websites allow you to print the quantity that you need, because you buy the template and then print off the invitations yourself. This is helpful as you edit and add to your wedding guest list, because you won’t have to buy a whole additional set of invitations just to send out a handful of them.  This will save you money and not force you to have extra wedding invitations sitting around that you will never end up using.
  2. Convenience: As mentioned by the wedding stationery website, weddingpaperdivas, shopping for your wedding invitations is extremely convenient. Instead of going to several different stores which involves going through traffic and using up your valuable gas, looking at wedding invitations online does not involve anything more than a few strokes of a keyboard. The internet, unlike a physical store, doesn’t have opening and closing hours, allowing you to shop on your own time. The best part, you can also access coupons from online sites like CCD to get more savings on your order.
  3. Many options: There are many different options available online giving you more variety for your own wedding. This includes different themes, colors, fonts, and materials than the ones that you can find in your local store. For brides that live in rural areas this is especially helpful because they have limited options from their local retailer. The internet gives you the option of buying invitations to match any theme that you may have in mind.
  4. Customizable: On many different websites you can request customization of the wedding invitations that you are planning to order. This allows you to create your own template that is specific to your taste. This customization can be a fun way to include some members of your bridal party or your future husband in the process as well allowing you to give them more of a role in the wedding.
  5. More affordable: Invitations online are considerably cheaper than the ones that you find in the store. This is partly because in most cases you are buying the invitations directly from the manufacturer online, so you will not deal with the up charges that many store retailers have to charge in order to make a profit. When you buy multiple boxes of invitations in one order you may qualify for a discount from the website. Many of the websites also have coupons available, allowing you to save even more money on your order.
Make shopping for your wedding invitations much simpler by foregoing the traditional route and opting to shop online instead. Be sure to read each site’s policy on returns just in case you may change your mind about the design that you had chosen. Keep your eyes peeled for coupons from popular wedding sites in order to make your dollar stretch farther when you go to buy your wedding invitations.

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