weight loss photo on scale with sticker

Weight Loss: The Healthy Way


Putting on excess weight is a nightmare and coming up with the latest weight loss challenge may itself trigger the stress button in your brain. Going easy on weight loss could make the entire weight loss exercise easy, but it may not give you the results you’re seeking. Preparing yourself to get into new weight reduction routine itself is the big challenge and once you have achieved it, you are halfway to your goal!

weight loss photo on scale with sticker
Time to start that diet! Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/alancleaver/4222532649/

Healthy way to weight loss

Remove psychological barriers

If you think that weight loss is difficult to achieve then you have psychological barrier. First remove all such mental blocks and then start your weight loss plan as it will increase your success rate. The most common psychological barriers include:

  • Lack of confidence in the weight loss plan and its success. This will affect your commitment
  • Urge for instant results. This would affect your longevity in the program and you may quit
  • Weight loss not possible after certain age. This is again the biggest mental block for those my age. It takes time – so don’t give up if it doesn’t happen immediately. If you have a trainer, he or she would introduce certain changes in r exercise or eating program depending on your age, gender, and other health conditions.

Achieving your healthy weight loss goal will be possible in all cases: Your positive attitude will work.

Weight loss is not about starving

Weight loss can be achieved in healthy way only when you don’t mix weight loss with starvation. There is no need to keep yourself deprived of food as this will affect your health adversely. Eating right would work for healthy weight loss. Cut the junk and reduce the quantity of your meal portion as this will keep your system running and also get your weight go down.


It’s true that you are burning your extra fat to reduce the weight but the fact is that your body is also deprived of many vital nutrients in the process. This will make you weak slowly and also take away the glow from you skin and hair. You need to take proper supplementation along with weight loss program to get the healthier weight loss.  Your weight trainer will recommend you such supplements or you can also check with your medical practitioner for further guidance. I find that learning from others and their supplment plans can be useful to. Compare yourself and also see what options you have. I like to read details at Monica’s Health Mag for some of their analysis too.

Engage yourself

Weakness because of weight loss is more due to psychological reasons than the physical reasons. To overcome all such psychological reasons, you need to engage yourself in some hobby or alternative activity so as to keep yourself diverted from sugar cravings and impulsive eating.


Exercise releases endorphins in your body and keeps you stress free. This would also remove any anxiety related to weight loss targets. Opt for the right combination of exercise and diet to get quick results and better health.

Weight loss is intended to get the better health and hence you may always go gentle on weight loss to get effective results that lasts for long.

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