What happened to my placenta


I need to ask, but I haven’t. Almost three years ago I had a successful VBAC and had decided that I wanted to save my placenta and consume it. Yes, I ate my placenta. Raw. In a smoothie.

Yes I pretended that I put placenta in a smoothie for my mom.

But I didn’t.

There are many benefits to the placenta. For me, I know I felt more uplifted and less stressed after my placenta smoothie. Whether it was placebo or not, I don’t know, but, what works, works, right?


So, three years later, I didn’t finish my placenta. In fact, after the first month, it sat in a container in my freezer. The cord and some organy parts, I had buried in the back yard. A day later, it was dug up. My husband decided to tell me about it. I felt sickened.  A part of me was eaten by some animal. And, I wasn’t that animal!

So now, we’ve moved. I kept putting off considering have it safely defrosted and then dehydrated and made into pills – like I probably should have done in 2010. But I didn’t, I missed out and now it is gone. Before we left I checked the freezer it was gone.

Do I want to know what my husband did with my placenta? Hmm

On a related topic imagine my surprise, when I came across this Family Feud video. I bet you can guess the answer!


If you’re looking for someone to craft your placenta in the Phoenix area, there are many people who can help you out. You want someone with a food handler’s certificate, a dehydrator and love.  Check out the placenta liberation front. They have a class coming up in May too! You can also search “your city+ placenta preparation” and find someone near you to help you out if you’re interested in having someone prepare your placenta.

Not for everyone, I know, but for some, it is, decidedly, the thing to do.

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