Who sponsors the cleanup? Dahi Handi Thane – The Aftermath



Yesterday many Hindus celebrated the Dahi Handi Festival, or Krishna Janmashtami.

Commercial Celebration increases enthusiasm

Like America with Christmas some are concerned over the commercialism that is becoming of the festival. The celebration in Thane and Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra gets huge. Hundreds of thousands of rupees go to the groups chosen to break the handi of yogurt. Groups parade through and make human pyramids to show they can break the clay jars of yogurt, and hundreds of thousands of people watch. They enjoy. They celebrate in honor of the memory of Krishna and his love of sneaking to get yogurt.

Some people celebrate at home and pour yogurt on their idols of Krishna. But, many in this area head to the large festivals, especially the ones in Thane.

But who cleans it up? After dropping my son at school I couldn’t walk the path to the ATM.  I nearly slipped on old beans TWICE. Well did slip but didn’t entirely fall. It was disgusting to see this area littered as it was. The smell wasn’t what the regular walkers are used to and the flies were starting to take over some areas of this normally nice walking path.

This is what littered a popular walk way and exercise area this morning.

Groups and influential individuals sponsor the events but who thinks about clean up.

Or even having trash cans? Or considering the biological impact of distributing items that will not biodegrade in the next million years?

Can earth-friendly choices be made during festivals?


Likely the cans and bottles will be sorted and recycled. But the plastic bags? The trash? The cigarettes? This is not Krisha-esque – this is not what Dahi Handi Thane is about.


The stray dogs didn’t even come to eat the left over food here. Eat and drop?
trash along Eastern Express Highway Thane after dahi handi
Walkers and kids waiting for their school buses walked along – Barely anyone expected different, even though on most days this area is quite clean.

Do you have a morning walk? Or have you ever attended an event that didn’t have a place for trash to be disposed of? What about the bio impact when styrofoam is used instead of something earth friendly? What can be done in these situations?

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  1. I’ll have to be honest…I really never gave much thought to cleanup after big celebrations, parades, or the like until I read this. Thanks for opening my eyes to what is truly a nasty problem! There DOES have to be a way to be more eco friendly in our celebrations!

  2. In my city, everyone seems to be very health conscious and community oriented. Many people recycle as they go, and have volunteers that help pick up trash and keep things organized throughout the event.

  3. That’s horrible, sponsors and vendors should be made to have to have a clean up day to be able to set up their goods. That would be a way to make them more cautious and garbage cans always handy

  4. That’s a very large mess, that’s very sad to see such a mess there. I hope it gets cleaned up, people should just want to clean up after themselves, I’ve never understood slobs.

  5. My daughter went to a food event in St. Louis where they used only biodegradable cups, utensils, and plates. I think all events should be like that.

  6. I am from the city where The Country Stampede is hosted. Each year country music stars bring in thousands of people for 3 days of concerts. Considering how nasty your pictures are, I’d say the people at Country Stampede clean up after themselves rather well.

  7. Augh, so true!!! When I go to parks around here, it’s usually clean but the areas used for festivals or for bbqs are a disgusting mess. There’s just no self-responsibility to clean up!

  8. It’s crazy how much trash is left behind after a big event. Even with all the cans to put it in, seems that people are nasty and lazy and just toss it all on the ground. Makes me so mad!

  9. Oh wow! My hubby and I go to concerts a lot, and afterwards there is always so much trash laying around! You would think that people would be responsible and clean up after themselves!

  10. Wow, what a mess. I know whenever I go to KEy West, it’s a mess in the early mornings! HAha someone cleans it though because it’s already fresh for another night of partiers.

  11. It is sad to see so much garbage. Just because its a event doesn’t mean everyone should just throw everything on the ground.

  12. That is disappointing and I am sure that in the US the cost of the clean up is actually passed on to the citizens of the town.

  13. I’ve seen images of some of the ‘after views’ of the festivals over here, it’s scary that people think they can just leave things – even entire tents set up and just walk away. x

  14. We were actually at a parade a few weeks ago & I asked my hubs who on earth does the cleanup. Ironically, there was more trash were they had reserved bleacher sitting for ticket holders. & the trash cans were much closer there than anywhere else.

  15. That’s too bad. While we live in a city that is very “green” it still requires lots of people to clean up after events like this too. I wish some people did nt feel so entitled to make a mess.

  16. The same people who trash the streets and the outsides are the ones who will keep their own homes spotless. This is a sad fact and I thinking it will take another two generations of people to change this attitude.


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