Word’s Most Expensive Home: A visit to Antilia Ambani Home Mumbai

antilia ambani house
A visit to the Ambani “home” – estimated value at over a billion dollars. Creative Commons photo by Jhariani.

Inside Antilia Ambani Home

Forbes indicates the home is by far the world’s most expensive home, and based on the entertainment floors we were privvy to, I can understand why it would be listed as such. Not only is it located in one of the most expensive areas of a very expensive city, it is HUGE.

Official Invite to the Ambani Home. It is called Antilia, named after the mythical island.
Official Invite to the Ambani Home. It is called Antilia, named after the mythical island.


Photos inside Ambani’s Billion dollar home

Again, this was a (post) Diwali party for senior employees, so we weren’t exactly being entertained in the personal quarters of Antilia. Located on Altamount road, the “home” has 27 floors, 3 helipad, 6 levels of underground parking (we had to park at the nearby race course) and apparently 600 staff members.

Now I wish I had taken more photos, but the point of the evening was socializing (and being in awe). When walking in you’re in an expensive area of Mumbai as it is, but suddenly you come upon this oddly shaped place (see above) that is surrounded by trees to gate the presence of the building’s entry. This is a bit common here as well – so it isn’t necessarily granting much more privacy than the general building here.

When we got onto the grounds we were quickly ushered indoors, where it was like a triple diamond resort hotel. The decor was very modern and with upright seating as well as modern seating near the restrooms (which were individual room stalls).

We were immediately asked to take the next lift (around 8) where the buttons didn’t show which floor we were heading to. The beginning mingling with veg appetizers was taking place on a high level which made you feel as though you were at a back yard party.

Added touches outside their elevators. This goes out to the terrace-level. You can see photos of the layout here.

A shot of my husband and I. We also took a photo with Mukesh and Nita Ambani but we haven’t received the photos (my husband is supposed to get a link to the photos?)

Oh we also took a photo with the two championship trophies the Mumbai Indians cricket team won this year. Reliance is a sponsor of the Mumbai Indians.

We also had the opportunity to sing happy birthday to Nita Ambani – she turned 50. The Diwali party was a week after Diwali as Nita’s birthday fell during Diwali.
A speech by Rohit Sharma, Captain of the Mumbai Indians. We actually had “Front row” seats, but we let everyone rush the stage. Darn.
Nita’s speech.
Random shot of the crowd along with the upper terraces. I have to say I was very unimpressed with how these “senior” staff members pushed and shoved. We were waiting in line for the photo with Nita and Mukesh Ambani and suddenly it became a crowd. People were pushing and shoving and having to have body guards and personal assistants of the Ambani’s put them in line. This is 3 feet from their CEO. Seriously, you can’t wait patiently in front of your CEO even? Cultural bias? I’m not sure, but we’re not talking about 15 year old girls and Justin Bieber (or whomever is top of the screamer list these days), we’re talking VP level people, pushing and shoving in front of one of the world’ richest business men who happen to be the CEO of the company they work at… I just don’t get it.
I kept thinking in my head “You’re fired.” Oops. Wrong rich dude.

We cut out a bit early since our kids were home with our maid (who is now eloping and getting married without her parent’s approval. She called out again today so we’re officially lookign for a new maid, since we overall prefer live in anyway… and she’s living 45+ minutes away and the hours she prefers aren’t the most convenient for us. But I’ll miss having someone who is flexible and listens to “my” ways and has some English speaking/writing/reading abilities.

Anyway, back to the Ambani home.

This is outside of the “party hall” area. They have sculptures like the one above, along with grass and again, you feel like you’re on the “ground” as the entire area has high walls/greenery.
Another view of the side wall area with a sculpture
People eating. The food was served with real silver, but we didn’t have a place to sit so people ate standing or took over the steps (which is what we did because honestly I cannot eat with a fork standing up… even indian food with chapati is difficult! But the buffet lines were long so I didn’t wait for the bread.
The ceiling in the entertainment hall. Food was served here and they also have service areas for drinks (though no alcohol is served) as well as a stage set up. Indian Idol finalist/host Meiyang Chаng performed along with a few others.
Here’s another view walking from the corridor area into the party hall at the Ambani home.
So I needed proof we were up high so I snuck behind the wall and snapped this photo. Behind the wall the workers were getting food ready to circulate :)

We live in a 27 floor building – a high rise in the suburbs of Mumbai. We live in one 3 bedroom apartment in that 27 floor building… the Mukesh Ambani family has a 27 floor building to themselves called Antilia in south Mumbai. When you’re invited to a party at possibly the world’s most expensive home – you head to it!

With 400,000 sq ft of living space, the place is huge. Each year Reliance Industry’s CEO Mukesh Ambani invites his senior team members to a Diwali party at his most not so humble home. Of course we don’t see the entire home, but the three or so floors we do get to see are grand and give the essence of a triple-diamond resort, complete with fully trained staff.

At the front gate. This is as we’re leaving, but note the armed guards (box in red).
A very large Ganpati sculpture in the “driveway” of the Ambani home in Mumbai

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  1. Are you sure they didn’t pave the hallways in diamonds to make it so expensive 😉 Unbelievably gorgeous house.


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